Thursday, 31 March 2011

it's not april fool

From the Day I met you
Three years back
Till this one, right now

I love you forever
I just thought you should know
You mean so much to me

I miss the old days
You fool around me
where you crashed into an accident
Life had almost come to the end
As you cannot walk anymore
And I cried painfully
Cause I didn't want to miss you

Then you promised me to give your heart
Since then I know you are sincere to me
I wish those memories will never reopen
And forever remains in my heart
where we share and we love
Then we cry and we laugh

Whenever you cry over me
or even  getting  really mad at me
I know that I'm always in your heart
And I believe it's true
Now you should  know that
I love you, too!
Happy anniversary.

LOVE NOTE: ya Allah, sesungguhnya aku telah mencintai seorang hambaMu ini. Maka, kau tambahkanlah kekuatan dalam hatiku ya Allah. Moga kecintaanku padanya tidak melebihi kecintaanku kepadaMu, ya Rabb. Moga suatu hari nanti kami dipertemukan kembali..aamin2 ya Rabbal a'lamin..

Sunday, 27 March 2011

forgive me, friend


I write this for you
a friend so true

And I tell you this from the bottom of my heart
before it shatters and falls apart

You draw a scar on my heart
to make you see it is very hard

honestly I feel pain deep inside
but I don't know how to describe

I hope you can feel it what
so that it can go away from my heart

friends come and go
after you read this you may say so

Is like a journey of a train
on the half way we may feel the pain

Then we may decide to dispart
but your love is still in my heart 

forgive me for what I did
I hope that this apology can get rid

of the distance we have apart
before our friendship dies of a broken heart.

Many people are under the mistaken notion that they should not share feelings of sadness to their friends because it will bring down his or her moods. And, I am one of those people who feel hurt deep inside my heart  because of my friend but I don't know how to express it. It is maybe because of the solidarity that has grown between us. However, sometimes we need to express the dissatisfactions to our friends even though we may not be able to offer comfort to each other at that particular time but our friendship will become deeper through the process. But, I failed to tell it to my friend. That is why I write this poem.Hopefully, by writing this i can feel better.To my friend, I love you so much, but, please listen to my heart... ='(

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Saturday, 26 March 2011

istikharah cinta

Bersaksi cinta diatas cinta
Dalam alunan tasbih ku ini
Menerka hati yang tersembunyi
Berteman dimalam sunyi penuh do'a
Sebut nama Mu terukir merdu
Tertulis dalam sajadah cinta
Tetapkan pilihan sebagai teman
Kekal abadi hingga akhir zaman
Istikharah cinta memanggilku
Memohon petunjukmu
satu nama teman setia
Naluriku berkata
Dipenantian luahan rasa
Teguh satu pilihan
Pemenuh separuh nafasku
Dalam mahabbah rindu
diistikharah cinta...

tutorial class::cheezzzy bread

so, today i'm going to show u how to make a cheesy bread..
these are all the things that you need.
onion granules..u can find it at any supermarket ..i just bought it from Tesco.

then, floral buttery..please ensure that it is buttery..bcoz it will make your bread nyummie!!.heheh

cheddar grated..i'm not sure whether you can get it in Malaysia or not..maybe u cn find it in a big supermarket only..but i dont think malaysia does not have this kind of cheddar.. surely it does..

closed- cup mushroom..

and the bread..i like to eat Danish..danish is always in my heart..

 ok, now is the cooking session ..firstly, cut the mushroom into are you going to cut it?? up to long as you  cut it okay..hehe =D

next, spread the butter on your bread(like this ok tuan2 dn puan2) hahaha;p

then arrange the mushroom on the buttered bread

full of temptation,isn't??

after that, put the grated cheese on the top 

now, zoom into the pic..cant you see the small granules?? put a little bit of it on your is very important to do it or else your bread will be tasteless...sort of COMPULSORY i would say..

the, put it  into the oven in  about 5-7 minutes

after 5 mins,, jeng3

hmmm..look like pizza right??

no need to go to any pizza's outlet ..u can do it yourself! 

this is for my breakfast..2 slices of cheesy bread


see..another bad attitude of mine..didnt eat the crust even though i know it gives u  a source of energy...dont nag at me about the importance of eating it..bcoz i will not listen to u..i really didnt like it..that's all.. hahaha=D

p/s::dedicated to mohd khusairy ramli yg buncetttttttt...a.k.a.bro octo ...
he loves cheese very much..

Friday, 25 March 2011

Nina's Quiz Show

she's very cute...lolz~

let's explore~

 it was a boring i took some pics of the sky from my room..
Subhanallah..really beautiful..thanks Allah from giving me da opportunity to see one of Your great creation.
Thank you Allah =)

now, let's see my room..
 huhu~ this is my room. after a few months here, finally i show you my room..hahaha..
this is basically  how da room in  da westwood looks's big but then..

the carpet is very old n dirty too..however i still love westwood because of the heater that keeps me warm during the winter especially.In fact , there are two heaters in my, i am very lucky to have that.

 this is the whole view of my room from the door. a bit messy, isn't?? hahahaha...such a lazy girl i am!'s okay..this is really who i am ;p
ok, this is the place that i always doing my work..really?? not so many books there..a lot of accessories actually

huhu..let's see what are those accessories..
1- stationeries
2-lip ice
4- hearty chocs
5- sports towel
7- brooches' box
8- mr messy(bottle)
9- specs favourite cookies in the UK!-millie's cookies

there are a lot of varieties of cookies in the millie's shop but i dont know why..i simply love these two flavours which are ;
1- white choc
2-double choc

hurms..some r still left in my room?? anyone wants it?? cum2..hehe

  yeah!!!!!!! millie's~

If I were a poem

if I were a poem
no, I cant be a poem
Why I cant be a poem?
Because I'm not a poem
I cant really be a poem

A poem, beautifully written
can have humour out of sudden
 The poem can be poetic
 His poem can turn chaotic
Well, maybe it is the poet of the poem's problem, isn' it?

p/s:: this is my very first poem i made when I become one of TESL students....really funny.. i was running out of idea at that time perhaps..hahaha..cant stop laughing when i read it back...

thank you mum

Dear mum,
Today is a very special day
filled with joy and gay
 I can see you smile 
 very sincere to my heart.

A chapter in my life slowly reopens
 The first day I laid my eyes on you
till the day
 you parted away from teaching my class
 And today we meet again
 to celebrate you on your day.

 We have gone through miles
 and now,
 i want to say thank you
 for the turning key
 that brings me to many life's door

 Your words guide me
 to the path of success 
 I have been on the top
 Because of you and your way.

One shiny day, 
 I sat close to window
 Seeing a beautiful scenery
 and the memories
 conquered me back
 In your class
 I spent my time with timeless Shakespeare
you once said,
 Monday with Thomas Hardy
 Then suddenly i fall asleep.

I will remember the days
 I have you in my English Studies
 I'm proud to say when anyone asks...
'yes, ma'am Kana is my mom'


Rhyme in Warwick

This is not a limerick,
nor is it a lyric or an acrostic,
certainly far from polemic,
though maybe it is macaronic, and slightly panegyric and poetic,
at the same time characteristic and impressionistic,
and also emblematic. of experience and nostalgic,
of my life in Warwick.

I am in Warwick,
who would have thought,
 who would have think,
it sure feels unrealistic,
or could it be magic,
that i am here in Warwick.

Internationally recognised Warwick IS,
 Among the top compared to other universities,
 not mentioning the environment is such peace
 how could I not study in such bliss.

From far side of the globe,
 I flew over full of hope,
 greeted by autumn cold.
 How I could be so bold? 
leaving the comfort zone of home,
only to find Warwick as homely as home.

Different courses here in Warwick,
 Mathematics, statistics, politic and economic,
 Not forgetting those studying scientific and medic,
 All could be found here in Warwick, 
Just look for me in Centre for Applied Linguistic.

Centre of Applied Linguistics, 
well-known it is in Warwick,
 Learning and researching sociolinguistic and phonetic, 
and also some pedagogic and semantic.
Thank god it is far from mathematics,
which I am not so enthusiastic.

The transition is exhausting and challenging.
 From didactic and spoon-feeding of schooling,
to heuristic and independent university studying.
 Assignment and course work could be excruciating,
 if not well in managing and organising.
 Chaos and panic will hence ensuing,
 as the dateline suddenly fast approaching.

Exam is chaotic,
 apocalyptic and traumatic.
Luckily we have analgesic,
easing the pain rather quick.

 Exam...exam.. the phobic,
 Exhausting the energetic to lethargic.
 It could be an emetic, 
as it causes panic,
 except for those few cognitively unique,
 who looks so beatific and charismatic
even for questions full of trick.

The students here are so diverse,
 Everyday someone new to converse,
Different ethnics and all sort of ethics.
 Some are eccentric with funny antics,
 It's a good place to conduct an ethnographic,
 in such a global place in Warwick.

Resources at Warwick
 are ver problematic,
 Library, Resource centre and Learning grid,
 always available for me to visit.
All of them are so much more simplistic.

Five floors with its own thematic. 
 The library is forever fantastic.
 From novel, encyclopedia, textbooks, and epic,
 all ready for me to pick.

For studying it is ever idyllic,
 strictly for academic and scholastic.
 Certainly not for aerobic or frenetic.
 Though it could be soporific.
 But sleep is against the ethic, 
of working in the library of Warwick.

Support for students is never-ending, 
from International Office to career developing, 
 not to forget academic and counselling.
 Unitemps is the place for job hunting.
  workshops available for skills developing, 
plus the WarwickSU constantly helping.
 What else could we be asking. 
Let us go exploring!

There's always something to do in Warwick.
 All of which are extremely exciting. 
There were more to it than just academic.
 That's why it's never been boring.

Hundreds of societies scattered around.
 Your interest will surely be bound.
 Go look round and round.
 Lots of choices will make you drown.
 But do not worry and do not frown.
 We will be very glad to expound, 
until the right societies you think you have found.

Sports in Warwick is something terrific!
 The facilities provided are the best in the district!
 Now wonder the students are so athletic,
 Warwick Sports Centre covers more than just the basic.

Volunteering is forever interesting.
 Besides being rewarding and self-enriching,
 it is so satisfying and fulfilling.
 All the interaction and communicating,
 helps me in socialising and mixing,
 adding friends by so doing.
 How truly deeply amazing. Warwick volunteers is always engaging.

Surrounded by places ever breathtaking, 
touring and travelling I keep on doing,
 Picnic and sightseeing not forgetting, 
photographing and relaxing would be including.
 International Office and CAL certainly know what they're doing.
 Organising all these exciting outing.
 They obviously deserve the highest rating.

Entertainment is abundant here,
 Just choose movies, orchestra or plays by Shakespeare.
Easily available at the Warwick Arts Centre, 
 or in some other areas just around the corner,
 There will be a cinema or theatre 
source of enjoyment for the art connoisseur.

Life here has been generally hectic, manic and frantic and sometimes robotic.
 Juggling between academic, frolic and domestic.
 In short it is very dynamic.

 deeply apologetic, 
 for not being laconic
 and the lack of interesting graphic. 
thought I tried to be synoptic,
 but just to be messianic, 
my life at Warwick, 
is more than just academic, 
it is very much holistic
That's  why I love my Warwick.

B. ed TESL 2011- Snior n junior

p/s::credit to Rocky for da pic..he used my 500d .but then you cant see me clearly bcoz  i was at the back....the last row..hahaha

i'm back

yeah..alhamdulilah..after about 2 months disappear, i finally come back to write again..hehe..

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