Monday, 24 January 2011


p/s::cant write much this week..will be busy again..=)

Sunday, 16 January 2011


will be so busy this week..coz i have another assignment..need to finish it by Wednesday next week..wish me luck..caiyok, nuras!!
do your best~

travel to adorable

let's shopping!! happy..last Friday i got a parcel from Malaysia.did u know what were inside the parcel?
this is a pink scarlet tiara scarf..

what is so interesting here is that the heavy embossed flowers (delicately handsewn with quality thick thread and beads ) on the crown section of the scarf. That makes it so different than other scarves. i have seen a scarf like this which is made from Indonesia but the material is totally different. The one that made from Indon is a cotton material.

  You can see the detailed and neat emroidery at the crown and at the back part. Wow! it is a gorgeous exclusive design that brings the princess' charm in you, because every girl is a princess!haha..really??=p

red scarlet tiara scarf

those who are interested  u can go to this website as there are a lot more designs as well as other things like blouses, handbags and fact, the price is so, what are you waiting for! get it one for you!=)

Friday, 14 January 2011

the sweetness of a marriage life

Yesterday nite we had an 'usrah' at warwick prayer hall. it was a program that i wud say is to remind and share anything about Islam. Other than that, it's to strengthen the bond or what we called ukhwah between akhwat..n honestly, i felt such program keep us together especially with the one that i probably did not know much about her before. However, as i came here, i know people more closely, obviously with those who i havent talked much back in Ipoh. Alhamdulillah.. i love this friendship..lillahiTa'ala..='(

In this usrah.. i really like when  bro Jo did mentioned about the sweetness of marriage life where which we can compete in doing good deed as well as in worshipping ALLAH..yes, personally, I do agree with Him. We indirectly, will lead our husband or wife to the right path, which in this case, together in achieving an Islamic way of life.insyaAllah.. when we are succeed to create  such kind of tarbiyah islamiyah  in our family insyaAllah we are able to have a baitul Muslim. this reminds me of my friends who i did recognise at PMS last term. they had also mentioned about this. even though I'm not yet married,  i think a marriage life will be very blissful if we try to be  a good person in the eyes of Allah S.W.T. Allah will always bless us if we choose His way. BUT, i think, to be on His way is no longer a choice but it is an OBLIGATION!!..

akhwat at prayer hall

why did i write something about marriage??haha.. it's okay ; bro Jo said yesterday, this is like a spirit injector  for those who want to marry..and, am i one of those?kih3.. gatal lerw..
sudah2.. shuhhh2!! do your assignment lar nuras.. don't talk nonsense here..

hehe..lolz..bye2 <3

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Dalam hati ada cinta

To whoever you are my future husband, insyallah one day i will accept you in the name of Allah, with a heart full of love. =)hurm.. hopefully by loving 'that somebody', i'll have a stronger love in Allah..o Allah! ='( help me..dont let me go astray...

أحبك ولكنني أخشى على حبي لك من حبي لله.
وآمل أن تتم مطابقة معا.


p/s::jiwang rust tonight..can google translate it! yahoo..assignment done!-sleep now~=)

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Busy life

i didnt update my blog much this week because so busy with the assignments since the second term  and class will start tomorrow. hehe..this is a common phenomenon for Malaysian student like me, doing assignment which is given 1 month earlier at eleventh hour..really bad!! to my future students, please dont follow this bad attitude, yeah??!!so i wish i dont have to go to class anymore...but, how?? haha..huhu..maybe, my busy life as a student will start again tomorrow. so, i may have not really keep in touch with my blog.but, insyaAllah i'll still update the posts!

photo session

really love's true that if we dont believe in Allah our days will be as stated in the picture above-sinday, mournday, tearsday, wasteday,thirstday,fightday,shatterday. therefore, we as Muslims should keep believing in Allah and have  faith in Him.remember that he is the only God!! n there is no other than Him!Allahuakbar!
 also, be a true migrator who abandons what has Allah prohibited us to do..



Besides, we should be thankful of what has Allah given us.
if we wanted to take this into  an account, we definitely did not know how many has Allah given us His Bless through our health, food,properties, lives and everything. However, have we ever thought how many times have we fulfil His demand?? So,Do not think of few things u did not get after praying, think of the countless n beautiful things that Allah gave u without asking.=)

therefore, pray to Allah always as He will grant our du'a, either sooner or later as long as we have faith in Him.

 even though...

 O Allah!! bless me always and let me in the group of people who have a good faith in you n be in your Jannah. aamin2 ya Rabbal 'Alamin..

Tuesday, 4 January 2011


nothing i cant say except crying... 

لا تحزن إن الله معنا

Sunday, 2 January 2011

nasi lemak 1 World

Hmmm..this is my breakfast for today..nasi lemak 1 world.  For those who havent tasted it, it is one of  Malaysian traditional foods . It is self-prepared which means i dont invite any chef to cook it.. i just make it myself..hehe, actually the name of nasi lemak 1 world is given by me..i just simply name it nasi lemak 1 world because it is not available in can only be found  at the university of Warwick,UK...huhu..really??if  you like it, u can order at 075867666xx..haha..not for ordering..kih3;p

  This nasi lemak is quite different with the one that i usually make.
  •  Authentic basmati rice sponsored by Kohinoor

This rice is a superbrand in India and it is Guiness World Record Holder.perghhhhh!!really fantastic. i   just add coconut milk , ginger and salt to make nasi lemak

  •  Fried Chicken ala-ala Malaysia( just put salt and tumeric powder)
The purpose of adding salt to the chicken is to ensure that the chicken will not stick to the frying pan when we fry it.

  •   Sambal Mushroom and carrot  

 I use closed- cup mushroom which is the only type of mushroom that i can see's quite different to put mushroom in the sambal actually.  Malaysians usually will make Sambal Udang, Sambal Ikan bilis, and sambal Sotong to eat with nasi lemak.

  •  omellete??;p 

  •  The  green one is  lettuce.  The lettuce is chosen to replace cucumber since i dont have it in my  fridge..hehe..
Since all the ingredients are combination of various countries, so, I  named it nasi lemak 1 world..

Saturday, 1 January 2011

New year 2011

Happy "2011" New Years Berries


...Ahamdulillah..thanks to the Almighty Allah S.W.T as we can still see the world till this minute of life. Last year was simply amazing and  I'm  so thankful for everything which had happened throughout my life. Although I have had a rough moments  and it had been a difficult year in many ways , it is still beautiful to me... I've accomplished, learned and shared so many things with people around me. It was indeed wonderful! Thanks to all~

And, I'm hoping for a healthier 2011. I've learned a lot through past experience.Even in whatever circumstances, we should enjoy the process, regardless everything, in whatever situation we are in and look for ways to be happy in our lives, insyaAllah..aamin  

what I wish for 2011:

1. nak kawen..haha..nope2
2. succeed in my life(exam)
3. going to Paris
4. going back to Malaysia=meet my mum, my dad, my niece and bla2..
5. i want to meet somebody(shhhHH..SecreT..let it be kept tightly in my heart)
5. meet my petpet and shoppy(miss both of u...uwaa)

P/S: I'm going to be 21 this year...hurm..sudah tua nmpaknyer..kih3

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