Thursday, 30 June 2011

i'm bored

it's almost 1.00 am.n i could not sleep right now.maybe because i just woke up..i watched nora elina since yesterday..then after finishing all those episodes i fell asleep..then when i woke up i realised that it's already night.almost 11.00 pm n  my room is so dark..really scares me..i couldnt hear any noise that i used to hear every sad, i felt like i wanna shout n cry at that time. n i looked at the mirror in my room then i was asking myself..a lot of questions popped into my mind-am i alright? nothing happen to me right??why did i sleep in the dark?pray??Oh My God! i havent prayed yet..then i took the ablution n prayed..after praying i'm talking to myself again..since my BB(my new huge bear) is not here to accompany me. i have to speak to myself, creating another character of myself..yess it sounds crazy but *it shows how bored i am*.definitely!!what should i do now?? i keep scrolling the facebook homepage up n one here to talk with..n enough of watching movies..full of depression.tetttttttttttttttttttt

Sunday, 26 June 2011

this blog is mine

This blog is mine where i reveal some pieces of my life..n i dont expect people to follow or read it..if u wanted to, you may do so coz i'm not going to stop anybody doing it..

Saturday, 25 June 2011


huhu..forget the sadness n sorrow of my heart.

these are all the things that i bought for myself here in the United Kingdom. What have i bought so far..let me list them down..

1)DSLR Canon 500D(united kingdom)
2)professional camera bag(korea)
3)Lollipop phone(Hong Kong)
4)Collins Electronic Dictionary(United Kingdom)
5)Clarks Shoes(Birmingham)
6)perfume(Avril lavigne- Birmingham)
7) a Huge Me to you Bear(China-United Kingdom)

all these things are very valuable to me. i really  love all of them n sincerely feel  proud to have them!

i believe

i do not know why..but i think i cant believe it..but i have to believe it.. coz it's what i have to believe in! seriously i feel very sad right now but i dont want to hurt myself again and again..let bygone be bygone..i know that  i'm not deserving, it's better for me to heal myself rather than hoping for nothing that is almost impossible to be mine.dont worry must go on no matter smile please =) motivation for myself!!

Sunday, 19 June 2011


alhamdulillah i have  done with my exam..thank you Allah.. may Allah give da best result for me..really miss blogging. n seem that i dont know what to write here.. oh yup, i'll go back to malaysia on July 6, 2011. Hope that everything will be okay.. so excited! after about a year being in such an alien country i will  finally go back to my homecountry.. such a blessing time. Thanks to the Almighty! another thing  i want to say is that i will make a new blog insyaAllah.. still in the process of creating it..that blog will about cooking as many friends of mine ask me to do that.  not to say that i'm good at cooking..just want to share some of my knowledge about it.. those blog is specially designed for overseas students not those who are studying in the United Kingdom only, but also for those who study in Indonesia, Australia and so on..

Wednesday, 11 May 2011


hi sorry coz i dont have any free time to write since my  final exam is about 1 more pray for my succcess ok..will  write after June 18, 2011~thanks for visiting

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