Thursday, 30 June 2011

i'm bored

it's almost 1.00 am.n i could not sleep right now.maybe because i just woke up..i watched nora elina since yesterday..then after finishing all those episodes i fell asleep..then when i woke up i realised that it's already night.almost 11.00 pm n  my room is so dark..really scares me..i couldnt hear any noise that i used to hear every sad, i felt like i wanna shout n cry at that time. n i looked at the mirror in my room then i was asking myself..a lot of questions popped into my mind-am i alright? nothing happen to me right??why did i sleep in the dark?pray??Oh My God! i havent prayed yet..then i took the ablution n prayed..after praying i'm talking to myself again..since my BB(my new huge bear) is not here to accompany me. i have to speak to myself, creating another character of myself..yess it sounds crazy but *it shows how bored i am*.definitely!!what should i do now?? i keep scrolling the facebook homepage up n one here to talk with..n enough of watching movies..full of depression.tetttttttttttttttttttt

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